Useful ansible roles

What: Using Ansible to setup a development system with Couchdb and Docker
: Having a phoenix like dev setup
How: Using Ansible and some simple roles to provision the system


You need a system, where Ansible is installed on. In case you don’t have it at hand, you can use the following Vagrantfile to set it up:

Preparing the playbook

Lets set up a simple playbook. Because something is installed, become is needed to install as root. Create a file called playbook.yml with the following content (there are more roles in the repository, but these should be enough for the beginning):

The roles

Clone the following git repository and change to the directory usefulansibleroles. Copy the roles-folder next to your playbook file.

Note: The install-couch role will install couchdb via docker (see in version 2.0. Docker will be setup to restart couchdb at every boot.

Run playbook

Run the playbook. You can use a hosts file at /etc/ansible/hosts or run it locally:


Connect to the provisioned machine. The following commands should give you correct results: