Make a small animation based on existing images

What: Concatenate images to a video
Why: Small animation as logo, simple stop and go movie
How: Using ffmpeg to concat existing images into mp4 file


The following is using ffmpeg in debian linux. There are also builds for other platforms available. Depending on the platform you maybe have to install the codec. The following is tested with a default debian system.

Install ffmpeg with:

apt-get install ffmpeg

Create some images

Create a sequence of images. Lets assume we want to have a spinning wheel of the following kind for this tutorial:

The important point is the numerical ordering of the image names like img1.png, img2.png, ….

Create the video

Create the video according to the documentation (assuming an image numbering like mentioned above):

ffmpeg -i %d.png -pix_fmt yuv420p output.mp4

The above command works because there are less than 10 images. If you have another image numbering (for example 001-999) you have to change the pattern:
– img%02d.png for 01-99
– img%03d.png for 001-999
– …

The final result will look like: