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Pythagorean triples: Do it right

What: Minimal lines of code for calculating the length of integer-sided right triangles with a side length below a given threshold
Why: Functional programming paradigm and vector handling in different languages
How: Write minimal examples for: Frege, Java, SQL, R, Python, Javascript. Please contribute!

Last week I went to a talk, where Frege was introduced. Frege is a purely functinal language based on Haskel. I once looked at Haskell and the introductory example was the famous pythogorean triples. Thats also mentioned on the Frege page. I was asking myself: How can this be done in Java, or R or SQL?

Here is my list of implementations. Please contribute if you know more or have a better (shorter) version. Line breaks are inserted for better layout. All implementations return something like:


This is not tested. I am not sure, what Frege says about the inserted line breaks.



For the Java version: Lets create a model class first. This makes the stream handling more easy. It is just some sugar.

Now, lets write the logic:

SQL (Oracle)




Python (3)




Creation of filled arrays: See here.

Integer division: See here.